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Welcome to CUET LIONS free mock test zone. Here you can give your free mock tests be it CUET Part A which is Aptitude Test (QA, VA, RC, LR and GA) or CUET Part B which is Subject Test (Business Studies, Economics, Accountancy, Higher Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Physics, History, Geography etc.). The free mock test section also contain tests for other entrance exams.

The test contains selected questions which will check your Time Management skills, Decision Making skills, Content Knowledge, Accuracy, Speed and Concentration. Carefully, take and analyze your mock test in order to decide which areas to work upon.

In analysis, you will only find the correct answer with test statistics because our team have intentionally not provided the detailed solutions for the questions because our research team has observed that after viewing the detailed solution also, student commits same mistake again if question becomes little twisted. So, we want student to take the initiative and ask your doubts of mock test on forum.


Free Mock Tests
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