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Refund Policy

We currently accept the following forms of payment: Credit Card / Debit Card , Net Banking , UPI , Mobile Wallets, Cheque etc.

Refund in case of incorrect purchase : Programs purchased will not be refunded or changed to another program on grounds of incorrect selection at the time of purchase.
Refund in case of server error : In case the same program is purchased twice due to some server error, the following refund rules will apply - If the learner informs us within 2 days, full refund would be initiated in maximum 7 working day through NEFT mode.

Cancellation of a course : If a student wants to cancel his/her admission within 2 days of taking admission, full refund will be credited within 7 working days through NEFT mode. However, if he/she wishes to cancel within 2-5 days of taking admission, 75% refund will be credited within 7 working days through NEFT mode. No refund is possible if program cancellation is done after 5 days.

Scholarship Amount : The scholarship amount shown on cuetlions.com may change from time to time. You are only eligible for scholarship that is applicable at the time of purchase of any course.
Also, the refund policy is not applicable to Crash Course Programs.


Breach of any of the terms of the Agreement (refer Terms Of Use) constitutes a termination of the Agreement. Any and all amounts due under this Agreement shall survive the Term of this Agreement. If you fail, or CUETLIONS EDTECH PVT. LTD suspects that you have failed, to comply with any of the provisions of this Agreement, including but not limited to failure to make payment of fees due, failure to provide  with a valid credit card or with accurate and complete Registration Data, failure to safeguard your Account information, violation of the Usage Rules or any license to the software, or sharing any classroom video to any non enrolled student or to any social media group or posting some irrelevant content to forum again and again or infringement or other violation of third parties' rights, CUETLIONS EDTECH PVT. LTD, after notice of 07 (seven) days to rectify such failure to you, may terminate your subscription and/or your Account if such failure on your part still continues. No refunds will be issued in such a case of for early Termination.

For any assisstance or any error in receipt, you can write to us at info@cuetlions.com. 
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